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“As we near the one year anniversary of the availability of Windows 10, we’re excited to share that Windows 10 is now running on 300 million active devices around the world” quotes Microsoft’s blog.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10’s free upgrade offer will expire on July 29, 2016. After that, you’ll have to pay $119 (Over NGN 23,800) to upgrade on any computer that hasn’t already made the upgrade.
If you upgraded an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) device to Windows 10 for free, then you can still reinstall Windows 10 on it for the lifetime of the device since that license cannot be legally transferred to any other hardware. If you upgraded a retail version of Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 then after 29 July 2016 you will be unable to fully move that Windows 10 upgrade to a new device using the Windows 7 or 8.1 retail license.

Any new system operating with retail version of Windows 7 or 8.1 license that you may want to move over to windows 10 after 29 July 2016 will not be eligible for a free upgrade to Windows 10; that means you will have to purchase a Windows 10 retail license to get that system updated to the new operating system. You can still purchase an upgrade license for Windows 10, which will cost less than a full version of the OS, and then use it to upgrade your retail Windows 7 or 8.1 system at that point.

Three point summary of the whole information is:
1. The free upgrade offer ends on July 29 and will not be extended.

2. Any upgrades completed before that date will be valid for as long as the device lasts.

3. There is a possibility that Microsoft will introduce some new upgrade offers after July 29, but don’t count on it.

We believe one of Microsoft’s goal with this upgrade offer isn’t just to get its installed Windows 10 base to a billion, they also want to reduce the number of PCs running on Windows 7 in an orderly fashion before its extended support commitment ends on January 14, 2020. Some people still use the “dead” windows XP; millions of users (especially here in Nigeria) are still running windows 7 on their PCs and don’t care about a newer operating system. For this set of persons, Windows 7 is perfect, and so they can’t find a reason for new operating system upgrade.
On the other hand, the free upgrade offer never really applied to large businesses that run Windows Enterprise editions. For those customers who also have purchased Software Assurance for those volume licenses, the Windows 10 upgrade offer is, if not free, at least already paid for. The decision of whether and when to upgrade is driven by business needs, not by the cost of an upgrade license.


The actress used to be slim, then she reappeared on the scene after a brief hiatus with ballooned boobs and a plump body which have been driving men crazy for some years now. However, her new look got some of us who saw her at the City People award on Sunday wondering what went wrong with her gigantic mammary glands. See her before, and now photos taken on Sunday...

The happily married father of four dropped his political agendas in the Lagos chamber for awhile and donned on his artistic mantle for a new Nollywood flick.

The popular lawmaker representing, Surulere constituency, was pictured behind the scene on set of an upcoming movie, "Single Ladies" which feature top acts like, Mercy Aigbe, Mary Remmy and Padeta Agu.

42-year-old Desmond Elliot is the executive director of the movie that his currently being shot by ROK Studios in Lagos.

Relays are some of the most amazing and versatile devices that you can be used very creatively in order to get even the most complicated actions done with very little hassle

If you are not familiar with them already, relays are simply remotely operated switches that are controlled electronically. Yes, relays and switches are basically the same thing except that the replay is operated electronically while switches are operated manually or mechanically.

Different classifications of relays

Relays are of many kinds but two major specifications you need to know are poles and throws. A pole is simply the input, or the control line, to the relay and the throw is the output. Now a relay can have multiple inputs and outputs, or more appropriately, multiple poles and throws and you can recognise that from the type or the category of the relay itself.

Relays are named with appropriate specifications so that you know what kind of device it is even before you look into its details. SP stands for single pole, DP stands for double pole, and so on. Similarly, ST is for single throw and DT is for double throw. So, now you can easily understand that a SPST relay has one pole and one throw whereas a SPDT relay has one pole and two throws.

How you can use relays

Now with the advent of electronics and integrated circuits, you can control your relays by a variety of methods. The most popular implementations are obviously usb controlled relays and ip controlled relays. Relays have myriad implementations, but as you might imagine, it is still used as a controllable switch most of the time. For instance, if your robotics project involves using electric motors, you can use usb controlled relays or ip controlled relays as a motor driver.

Where relays excel

Relays are quite efficient at being used to provide voltage or current that the microcontroller cannot provide natively from its pins. Sensitive integrated circuit components have limited tolerances about the voltages they can sustain or the current they can drive. Therefore, it makes sense to connect the relay to the microcontroller. The microcontroller can provide enough voltage to operate the relay which then can route high current from the power source to the electric motor unit.

Complicated relay applications

Now you can obviously see that using a relay as a motor drive is not a very versatile arrangement: you can only control the speed and not the direction. However, even direction control can be achieved with some creative design and a bit more complex circuitry that will utilise more than one relay.

Relays are also used if you are using any large arrays of LEDs, which cannot be directly powered by the microcontroller, or if you want normal state operations where you want the external device to be in a state of operation even if the relay is off. Relays can operate in normally open or normally closed mode which means a logic 1 trigger can be used to open the circuitry and power the externally connected device down.

Further details about using relays

You can prototype your circuitry using bread boards and when you are satisfied with the resultsHealth Fitness Articles, you can send in the circuitry for final integrated fabrication. You can also purchase relay cards that are basically chips with multiple relays printed on them that can used in a modular fashion. It is entirely up to you.
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If you are unable to access your HP printer, it is possible that your printer is not working. There are chances of having some problem with your HP printer driver.Call HP printer technical support number and get instant assistance or try solving the issue by following the step by step guidance available here.

Reasons behind having problem with HP printer driver:
  1. You must have upgraded your HP printer, but have not installed the latest driver
  2. You must have upgraded your windows operating system and the old driver is not compatible with the new one
  3. You may have removed the driver unknowingly while doing something else.
So, in order to find out what exactly the problem is and to learn how to install the latest HP drivers, continue reading the article. You can also call HP tech support and get it rectified especially if you do not have much time in hand.
Check the Device Manager
If the problem is related to missing the HP driver or with outdated HP driver, you will be able to view on the Device Manager. To access the Device Manager:
  1. Click “control panel”
  2. Double click on “system”
  3. Click “ Device Manager”
You will be able to see all the hardware installed out there. Look for your HP device. If you find a question mark, yellow triangle or an exclamation point, it means that there is some problem with your HP device.
Now, to fix the problem you will need to download and install the latest HP driver. Firstly, note down the make and model number of your HP device because you will need this information at the time of download especially when you are locating your device on the official website of HP. You will get this information available next to your HP device displayed in the Device Manager.
Now go to the legitimate website of HP and locate the right driver first. Once this is done, download it with the instructions given and by clicking the download button.
HP driver installation process
Once your download is completed, you simply need to “double click” the “HP driver file” and follow the instructions onscreen. Once the installation is completed, you might have to restart your computer. If you face any difficulty during the installation process, you can call Hp printer support phone number and get prompt assistance.
Get automatic updates for the HP driver
Driver Update Tool is a simple and quite effective way to fix driver related issues. In fact, there are additional advantages of using this tool. They are:
Swiftness – It helps you search for the driver fast. Doing the search on your own is time consuming and often frustrating.
Reliability – The Driver Update Tool has largest databases of Device Drivers on web.
Proficiency – Driver downloader will not only update your required drivers by matching with the requirements of your PC, but also keep the drivers updated with the new versions as and when released.
HoweverFree Web Content, HP technical support number is always there for your assistance.

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